Membrane Nitrogen Generator Systems

The expandable on-demand Nitrogen Solution

Engineered using Membrane separation technology, this industry proven, durable and reliable solution produces Nitrogen where and when its required.

Our Membrane Nitrogen Generator System can provide nitrogen at flow rates from 5nm3/hr to 2500nm3/hr. Nitrogen purities between 95% to 99.5% are easily achieve using this technology with standard outlet pressures of up to 23bar being produced.


  • Efficient and economic method of Nitrogen Generation
  • Enormous cost savings compared to conventional gas cylinders
  • Low installation and running costs
  • Low maintenance
  • Latest modular technology
  • High capacity combined with low air consumption
  • Purity of up to 99.5% N2
  • Pressure up to 23 barg
  • Simple and safe to use
  • Flexible in terms of adjusting purity
  • Easy to operate and install
How does it work?

Nitrogen Membrane modules have high selectivity and permeability. They combine low air consumption with high nitrogen capacity. The benefits for you: you need a small compressor, only a few modules, and operational costs are low.

Gas Generators International uses Nitrogen Membranes that are especially suitable in a wide variety of blanketing or inerting applications and combine excellent nitrogen generation capacity with low air consumption.