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Company Profile of PT Gas Generators Indonesia.

PT. Gas Generator Indonesia was established in 2005. Gas Generators Indonesia (GGI) as we known, we specialize in the supply of industrial gases on-site.

Gas Generators Indonesia (GGI) is a company representative principals from varions countries, which specializing in the design and and manufacture of custom built process plant & packages for the mining, petro-chemical, refining & offshore oil & gas market.

Industries we serve include :
  • Oleo-chemical / Edible Oil
  • Oil & Gas / Petrochemical
  • Gold Mining and Coal Industry
  • Healthcare
  • Steel Industry
  • Electronics
  • Other gas users


Our core process plant & packages includes :

  • Compression packages
  • Gas generation packages
  • Processing, filtration & dehydration packages


We are supported by our network of principals including Malaysia,Singapura,Cina and US.

Gas Generators Indonesia (GGI) strives to be the preferred supplier of compression packages, gas generation plants and process equipment in the markets that we serve. We shall achieve this goal by ensuring that each equipment supplied meets international standards and contractual obligations, be competitively priced and are well supported in the field.

Since 1995, Gas Generators Indonesia (GGI) has provided gas plants on long term use providing good quality of Gas Generators Indonesia (GGI) equipments supported by our experienced engineers working closely with clients for client satisfaction.

Gas Generators Indonesia (GGI) also shows their commitment by providing facilities include :

  • Build, operate and transfer (BOT) & build, operate & own (BOO) contracts. Gas Generators Indonesia (GGI) finances, builds, installs & maintains the gas production facility for direct pipeline supply within customer’s premises.
  • These rental/lease facilities have been applied in several institutions in Indonesia, including hospitals for our Gas Generators Indonesia (GGI) Oxygen Generators System, giving remarkable savings in their Oxygen supply. Rental/Lease is subject to financial analysis and location of user.


Gas Generators Indonesia (GGI) designs, manufacture & supply industrial gas plant for the on-site production of nitrogen, oxygen & hydrogen gases.



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